Making Savings The Green Way

More ways to find affordable insurance rates has emerged with conservation drive as insurance companies have joined the campaign to encourage people to “go green” by offering certain incentives.

This means that in addition tax rebates, credit facilities and other incentives that are already in place by the different levels of government, you can now have more incentive and this time from insurance companies and all for being concerned about conserving the earth’s resources.

If you are willing to take advantage of these discounts for going green, then you would need to look for insurance companies that are already on board like Travelers and Allstate where you can get rewarded for using hybrid cars and living in homes that are environment friendly.

Bankrate has revealed that one can get a policy modification on Fireman’s fund and Farmers Insurance for an extra twenty to twenty five dollars annually on your regular insurance a modification which would offer you the opportunity to replace your old home with a more environmentally friendly building when you make a claim after a disaster. This would include energy saving devices and recyclable materials.

You can try to find out things to do to qualify for this “green” discounts. Some of them include getting hybrid cars, changing to solar energy in your home, installing solar heating systems etc. These are necessary because insurance companies have noticed that anyone who can go through the stress and expense of upgrading to these eco-friendly cars and homes are more mature, more responsible, drive less and on the whole are more unlikely to make petty claims.

If you go green today you would not only be saving the earth you live on but you would also be getting affordable insurance rates on your home insurance and auto insurance.